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Introducing objective personality assessments for tenant selection

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Renter safety profile report
tenant profiles report
tenant safety profiles report

Why Assess Tenants?

Protect your investments. Reduce tenant risk and unconscious bias in selection.

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tenant safety profiles 3 steps

Reduce Bias

Make informed decisions using scientifically valid and reliable metrics.

Decrease unconscious bias and discrimination in tenant selection by using objective, reliable, and practical insights developed by Organisational Psychologists.

Screen out risk

Applicant responses are indexed against our proprietary database of tenancy risk indicators.

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Make informed decisions where rental history is unavailable

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Predict future tenant behaviour

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tenant profiles report
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Quick, Reliable, Objective Insights

Easy to interpret report that compliments employment and rental history checks.

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Rental applicants complete a 3-5 minute questionnaire

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Reduce the risk of a bad tenant for both agents and landlords


“We tested it in the office and I was surprised by how well it described each of us! We are now looking at how we can include this as part of our standard application process”


—  Laura Valenti, Managing Director,

Solutions Property Mangement

tenant safety profiles phone survey

How it Works


Embed a link or code right in your online application form. 


Applicants complete the questionnaire in 3-5 minutes.


We send you an easy to interpret report on tenant safety and risk.

Download an info pack on predicting Tenant Risk

Enter your details here to receive  further information on the Tenant Safety Profile.

How It Works
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