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Introducing objective personality assessments for lending

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Renter safety profile report
tenant profiles report
tenant safety profiles report

Why measure personality?

Another dimension to predict default risk. Determine how borrowers will meet their obligations.

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Look past the numebrs

Make informed decisions using scientifically valid and reliable metrics.

Financial history is a good predictor of financial future, but it's not perfect. When the unexpected happens, our actions tend to be guided by personal tendencies.  

10 Ant Profiles predicts those tendencies with objective, reliable, and practical measures developed by expert Organisational Psychologists.

Screen out risk

Applicant responses are indexed against our proprietary database of risk indicators.

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Make informed decisions based on leading indicators (not lagging ones).

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Complement your existing measures to improve default risk assessment.

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tenant profiles report
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Quick, Reliable, Objective Insights

Easy to interpret report that compliments past lending and financial checks.

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Would-be borrowers complete a 3-5 minute questionnaire

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Results returned instantly in .pdf or daily in .csv format. API integration available on request. 

How it Works - Lenders


Embed a link or code right in your online application form. 


Applicants complete the questionnaire in 3 minutes.


We send you an easy to interpret report on borrower safety/risk.

How it works - Borrowers


Click on the link you were given.


Answer the questions as honestly as you can. 


Your responses will be automatically added to your application.

How It Works
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