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Renee Parszuto

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QLD, Australia


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"I felt good about these applicants, although I couldn’t honestly say that I would have recommended them to the owners if the 10ant results didn’t back my thoughts"

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Recently I showed some prospective tenants through a rental property.

I got to chatting with them and they advised they had been declined for the last property they applied for and explained a situation one of them was having with their current agent who had given her a bad reference for not paying an invoice for an ant problem in the property.

These prospects seemed like the perfect candidates for the property, but it can be such a red flag when a tenant discusses problems with a previous agent as you don’t know everyone’s place in the situation.


 However, I still had a strong sense that these tenants were perfect for this property. When they applied and completed the 10ant survey the results were very likely that all 3 of them would be great tenants. I completed all checks on the application as I normally would, and received 2 great rental references, and 1 for the 3rd tenant who had told me of the issues she had with her agent and the ants.


Her rental reference showed she had made rent payments in advance for the entirety of her lease, paid water invoices on time and cared for the property to a high standard. Fantastic, however the ever-important question of ‘Would you rent to this tenant again?’ had no written next to it.


I was unable to get the agent to put into words what the issue was and she would only talk on the phone. Her reasons for not wanting to rent to the tenant again was that they had gotten into a dispute at the end of the tenancy regarding an ant problem at the property.


After talking with the agent I come to realise that the agent had a misunderstanding of the residential tenancies act and was asking for the tenant to pay for something that wasn’t her responsibility. She said the tenant had been difficult in asking why this invoice was something she had to pay for when it wasn’t a requirement within the lease and for entering into a bond dispute.


I was blown away.

Often property managers are dealing with multiple rental applications on multiple properties at any given time. Having a rental reference with an agent stating they wouldn’t rent to the tenant again is certainly a reason another applicant may get approved for a rental property instead.


I felt good about these applicants, although I couldn’t honestly say that I would have recommended them to the owners if the 10ant results didn’t back my thoughts.


This tenancy has now been running for a few months and it’s a newly built property that has had quite a few maintenance issues. The tenants have been incredibly patient and understanding and I couldn’t be happier we rented the property to them with the help of the 10ant survey.

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